Pigeon Guano Cleanup

One of the biggest problems that come hand in hand with pigeons and other birds is the bird droppings and mess they leave behind, causing build up around your solar panels or whenever the birds have made home. Bird guano is the professional term used for bird droppings, pigeon guano can have serious effects on your roof and also solar panels, boasting a range of harmful bacteria you need the right equipment to dispose of pigeon poop, and also an authorised waste carrier. Here at PPSP, we have the cleaning equipment to help with your bird guano and pigeon poop problem.

Like most birds, pigeons will make a home in empty space in buildings, whether it is in the rafters or in an old chimney, any opportunity to move in and they will.  When it comes to bird droppings, pigeon mess has been reported to be one of the worst for being detrimental for a healthy lifestyle, it contains chlamydia psittaci, which is harmful to humans, cleaning guano needs to be carried out using protective clothing, breathing apparatus, for the dust, and by professionals.

PPSP Guano Cleaning Experts

Here at Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels, we are passionate about helping you get rid of those pesky birds and stop them from causing havoc on top of, around or in your home or property. When it comes to pigeon mess cleaning and pigeon mess removal, we have you covered. Pigeons are pest birds and this is due to the number of bird droppings they produce which are harmful to your roof.

Bird poo contains bacteria that our team are well versed in cleaning up, not only that but the bird mess needs to follow legal disposal laws, we follow those to the letter. Armed with a scrubbing brush, dust mask and a bucket of soapy water we can remove small quantities or large quantities depending on your needs.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the removal of bird mess from around your solar panels, please give our team a call, we are always more than happy to help in any way we can when it comes to bird control.

Pigeon Mess Proofing

Pigeon Proofing Bird Droppings Build Up

Once a pigeon has decided to make part of your roof it’s home, it can be tough to get rid of them and along with that, it can be tough to get rid of the mess they create. Birds can create a mess very quickly, on average your urban city pigeon can produce around 25lbs of bird mess per year, which is a health and safety issue. With this amount of mess being produced yearly, it is without a doubt company like ours are needed for pigeon mess removal and pigeon mess cleaning.

This is an extremely large amount for such a small bird. Not only that but once a pigeon has taken residence in either your solar panels or roof it is more than likely a handful of broods will be born, chicks simply adding to the amount of waste. You need to make sure you protect your solar panels from the acidic guano that birds spread across larger areas, droppings can cause so many issues for solar panels, it is best you get it dealt with.

Pigeon & Bird Guano Can Cause Many Issues

Pigeons and other birds will find any space they can call home, the animal version of squatters they are not fussy. The space underneath your solar panelling? The perfect home. Your unused chimney? They will live there too. Along with gutters, high balconies and anywhere they can squeeze themselves into.

Like other common birds when building a nest, pigeons will bring home twigs, debris, animal fur, leaves and anything else they can find that looks like it would make a home, binding it all together, which can be unsightly. This can cause huge problems, paired with the sheer amount of pigeon mess, you are going to end up needing professional help to remove it. Depending on where the pigeon has decided to take up residence depends on the level of help you will need.

Nesting materials can become blockages in drain pipes causing leaking, damages to your gutters and also cause moss to grow. But the biggest problem you will face is directly below to wherever pigeons have decided to live you will find a large build-up of Guano. Pigeon mess. This build-up can attract parasites, mites and other bugs that may invade your home as well. It isn’t very often pigeons only cover small amounts of your roof space, they will always cover larger areas.

Washing Solar Panels

Pigeon Droppings Health Hazard

Not only is pigeon mess and droppings not good for your home and the damage it can cause to your solar panels, but it is also bad for your health. This is one of the main reasons we recommend calling Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels for our pigeon mess removal and pigeon mess cleaning services. 

Pigeon faeces carry a range of diseases that can very easily be transmitted to people, certain procedures need to be carried out when handling or cleaning them. Pigeons themselves also carry diseases. Our team here at Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels have all the correct equipment and training to safely offer pigeon mess cleaning services, including being able to soak off heavy build-ups of droppings. 

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If you have been looking for a way to get rid of pigeon mess around your solar panels, then Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels are the company for you. Our team is well versed in pigeon mess removal service and pigeon mess cleaning, to find out more simply give us a call today. We are more than happy to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

Dealing with the pigeon mess health hazard that is building up around your solar panels is important, not only for your health but for the longevity of your solar panels, pigeons are destructive, let our team help you get rid of them. We are here to protect you from pigeon debris, armed with a dust mask and soapy water, we can help. Contact Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels today for more information.