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How can pests affect my solar panels?
Answer:A number of common garden visitors can catastrophically damage your solar panels. We have seen numerous incidents of pigeons and squirrels damaging cables, dislodging connectors, chewing through wiring and depositing hazardous materials, pigeon guano can rot through cables if the problem is not addressed.
Another company is offering fitting of similar product at a discounted rate, surely that’s a better option?
Answer:Roughly one in ten of our jobs is removing inferior or poorly fitted pest proofing to solar panels, where clients have been promised a product like PanelProof, but have actually been fitted with alternatives made of galvanised steel that have been poorly fitted and have rusted within months. These clients have had to pay twice and are often stressed by the experience. We often find in this case that pigeons easily gain re-entry into the panels, and the product is essentially useless. PanelProof is far superior in terms of materials, fitting and security.
Is the installation work carried out guaranteed?
Answer:Yes we offer a 10 year guarantee on installation of PanelProof or Solar Skirt
Can you drill into Solar panels?
Answer:Drilling into your solar panels can void your warranty, but if they are out of warranty or the original installer is no longer in business and you know what you are doing this method can be used on some makes of solar panels that can be problematic to proof.
How do you gain access to our roof?
Answer:We have a variety of methods to access your roof, always ensuring that we choose the safest option. PPSP has access to Towers and Easi-Dec access systems, as well as ropes and abseiling equipment, alongside solar access ladders. You can be confident that PPSP will use the best method to access your roof. We can also bridge conservatories.