When it comes to protecting your solar panels, Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels are the company to call. Our team of experts can offer you a range of services that will protect your solar panels from Pigeons and other destructive birds. One of the most popular pigeon proofing options is bird netting and anti-bird netting, this is fitted to your property and stops pigeons and birds from getting underneath your solar panels.

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Anti-bird Netting

When it comes to protecting your solar panels, the anti-bird net has become popular over the last handful of years, offering a relatively discrete option that also does the job. Bird netting is made from Nylon which is an extremely versatile material that is easily stretched to where you need it to fit. Perfect for all areas you need, covering bird netting will put a stop to all bird and pigeon issues you have been having. 

Along with protecting your solar panels, an anti-bird net is used to protect a range of other aspects of your building such as guttering and fascias. The idea of bird netting is to stop birds from taking up residence in your solar panels and causing damage and havoc. Bird netting is one of the most effective deterrents for pigeons, once your property has had it fitted, they can’t get to your solar panels to make a nest, keeping them away and protecting your solar panels. 

The basic foundation of anti-bird netting is to stop birds from getting into space beneath your solar panel, with an anti-bird net you can cover a large area for a competitive price. Here at PPSP Ltd, we recommend having anti-bird netting fitted by a professional, this is because it involves working at height and more often than not tricky areas to reach. By choosing an expert team like ours you can guarantee that the job will be carried out efficiently and in the right manner, reducing the risk of the pigeons and birds compromising the netting.

Why Choose Bird Netting?

Here at PPSP Ltd, we have worked with bird netting options for a number of years, during this time we have learnt it is one of the most effective solutions at keeping your solar panels protected from pigeon squatting. Anti-bird netting is the best solution and also the most cost-effective option, once it has been fitted it is most likely to last a long time. You can have anti-bird nets fitted to not only stop birds from taking up residence underneath your solar panels but also stops them from landing and leaving bird mess everywhere. 

Bird netting is used frequently in cities and towns, protecting the older buildings from the invasion of pigeons that more often occurs than not, it is not as discreet as post and wire options available on the market, but once it has been fitted it blends in seamlessly and you would only notice the bird net if you are looking for it. When it comes to covering items such as solar panels, our team sometimes will elevate the bird net on posts to stop it from causing any damage to the solar panels. 

PPSP Ltd has seen many benefits of using bird netting over the years, the main reason is it doesn’t only protect your solar panels from pigeons, but it can protect them from any type of bird or vermin that tries to get underneath your panels. A cost-effective and also eco-friendly option that will keep pigeons and seagulls at bay as well as small blackbirds and other birds. This in turn reduces the risk of damage to your solar panels from birds, bird mess and nest builds. To find out more information contact our team here at PPSP Ltd.

Anti-bird Netting In Different Sizes & Colours

Here at PPSP Ltd, we can offer you a range of options when it comes to bird netting, not all of them are the same and depending on your requirements you will need a certain anti-bird net. For example, if you are looking to protect your solar panels from pigeons you will need an anti-bird net that is around 50mm, for seagulls a larger mesh such as 100mm and for those smaller birds that can squeeze into all nooks and crannies without any effort, you should be looking at around 28mm mesh size. Deciding on the right bird netting can be the difference between it working and not fixing the problem. Call us today to discuss with our team your needs and we can offer you the right anti-bird net. 

Along with a range of different sizes, you can also choose a colour, bare in mind though the colour options are based on building colours, you can’t choose any colour you like. The most common bird netting colours are black, stone and clear, this is to keep them as discreet as possible when fitted to the building. You can also choose white and green in certain bird netting options, we recommend getting one as close to your building colour as possible.

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Bird netting is the best option for you when it comes to protecting your solar panels from pigeons and other birds. It is effective and will last a long time, the perfect option. To get your free quote give us a call today. We look forward to speaking to you soon.