Bird Mess: A Roofs Worst Nightmare

It’s no secret that many birds prefer to roost on rooftops. But what you might not know is just how messy this can be for homeowners! Bird droppings are acidic and corrosive, meaning they can eat away at the surface of your roofing materials over time. And this isn’t only an aesthetic problem; bird droppings also damage roofs by causing leaks and making them more susceptible to mould growth. Our team here at PPSP have been offering bird mess cleanup as a way of protecting your roof and more importantly your solar panels, which is our speciality. 

If you’re a homeowner who has been having trouble with birds building nests on your home or business, then read on! This blog post will give you some helpful tips for getting them off your property once and for all. 


Uric Acid

Did you know pigeons and birds don’t urinate the same way other animals do, they don’t have the capacity so the only way they can get rid of the nitrogenous waste they produce is through their bird mess? Bird mess is a mixture of faeces and liquid, this is because without the ability to wee they produce it all at once. 

Due to this process, bird poop contains a compound called uric acid, this will without a doubt damage your roof. When you see bird poo more often than not it will contain white liquid, this is the acidic content, this will cause significant damage to your roof through corrosion, whether it is through roofing covers or paintwork. One of the most susceptible materials that will suffer because of uric acid is asphalt shingles, this is obviously dangerous. When it comes to a roof it needs to be healthy to host solar panels. Bird mess cleanup is important for removing the acidic liquid and protecting your roof. 

Damage To Solar Panels

When it comes to solar panels, the biggest problem you will face is birds and pigeons making a home around or underneath them, this is a big problem. The reason pigeons do this is because it is a permanent shelter from the elements, and they also provide the birds with warmth and protection. 

Not only that but a solar panel is the perfect place to build a nest, it is sheltered and also doesn’t move. The biggest issue with this is the damage that bird mess causes to solar panels, the build-up really damages solar panels. The issues will start with the solar panel wiring, droppings on the panels themselves, causing the panel not to work. In turn, diminishing their efficiency. Having a company on hand such as PPSP Ltd is a great way to ensure your solar panels are cared for and protected from pigeons. 

Blocking Gutters

One of the worst aspects of pigeons is that they will pick at their own poo, dropping it all over your roof and hitting your gutters. This is a sure way to ensure your gutters become blocked and full of seeds, this is because the bird mess is filled with seeds from what they eat. This will damage your guttering and roof drain system, causing issues across the board. 

Whether the birds drop the mess in your gutters or it is there long enough for rain to wash the seeds into your gutters, you will find that plants and weeds will grow. Causing blockages and damage. Blocking the water flow will lead to roof leakages, cleaning your gutters regularly is needed for the welfare of your roof and in turn the welfare of your solar panels. 

Moss Growth

Moss is a plant that thrives and grows in dark, damp areas and is commonly found on roofs, paired with a constant flow of bird mess, you have yourself a fully-fledged ecosystem. Moss is known for its ability to retain water, which will not only help feed the seeds dropped by the pigeon mess but will also dampen your roof. Causing structural damage. 

Removing moss from your roof is without a doubt one of the best ways to ensure the cycle between birds returning and causing damage and water damage having any effect on your roof. With a damaged roof you won’t be able to install solar panels, or you may need to have your solar panels removed if the damage becomes too great. 

Tips On How To Clean Bird Mess

Having offer bird mess clean up services for a number of years to help with keeping solar panels protected, is something we have excelled at. Due to this we have a few tips on how you can keep your roof bird mess clear by yourself, they are;

  • Cut overhanging trees
  • Hose off any bird mess
  • Clear visible nests 
  • Have a deterrent fitted
  • Use PPSP Ltd 

Contact PPSP Ltd For More Info Today

A bird mess on your roof is a nightmare. That’s why at PPSP Ltd, we offer the most comprehensive and effective cleaning service for all types of birds in London. We have been providing this type of service to properties across the UK, helping protect your solar panels from bird mess is what we are good at, this is because we understand how frustrating it can be when you come home from work or school to find that there are droppings all over your solar panels and how damaging it can be. 


Contact our team here at PPSP Ltd today for more information, we can help you with bird mess cleanup services as well as bird spikes, bird netting and bird deterrents. We will work tirelessly to rid you of your pigeon pest problem and keep your solar panels and roof safe. 

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