Protecting Your Solar Panels from Pigeons: Best Practices

If someone told you to picture a dangerous bird, we doubt you’d think of pigeons. When you own some solar panels, however, that’s exactly what they are!

Pigeons and even smaller birds can cause trouble that’ll cost you a lot of money and create more problems later down the line.

So, to avoid this unpleasant scenario, let’s look at why you should protect your solar panels from pigeons and how to do that.

Why are pigeons a problem for solar panels?

Pigeons are a big problem for solar panels because they love nesting underneath them, and this causes all kinds of problems:

  • Droppings – You’ll find dirty droppings on the actual panels and your house or garden area. These come with several health risks because they carry diseases like Cryptococcosis, Histoplasmosis, Psittacosis, E.coli and Salmonella. They’re also corrosive! So, they can damage your solar panels in the long run
  • Reduced efficiency – From droppings to a buildup of nesting materials, pigeons can cause your solar panels to absorb up to 30% less sunlight
  • Noise – Pigeons chirping and mating on your roof, scurrying around while you’re trying to sleep… Let us tell you: it’s NOT pleasant!
  • Damage – Pigeons can also chew and dislodge your solar panels wires
  • Danger – As well as chewing wires, they can cause fire hazards through their nests. Dry and combustible materials under warm solar panels aren’t the best idea! They also make it harder to clean and maintain your solar panels regularly

So, let’s avoid all that, shall we?

SolaSkirt Installation

How to protect your solar panels from pigeons

If some birds have already taken over your solar panel system, don’t worry: we have some tips for you, too.

If they haven’t, take it from bird-proofing professionals who see damaged solar panels on a daily basis: prevention is much better than cure.

Protecting your solar panels from pigeons before they get to them will only save you time, money and energy.

As for how to bird-proof your solar panels, you have different options:

  • Mesh barriers – This is the most effective way of protecting your solar panels from pigeons. Mesh-proofing covers the entire perimeter of your system without ruining your building aesthetics. It’s also reliable and made to last. However, you might require professional help to install it correctly and safely
  • Spikes – These are simple to install (although you should still be careful when handling them or getting onto your roof) and fairly low-maintenance. Spikes can work well against pigeons and the largest birds. If you were hoping to protect your solar panels from smaller species and other types of vermin, though, mesh barriers would be a much wiser choice
  • Angled sheeting – Discourage pigeons from nesting on or underneath your solar panels by creating a sliding surface. Much like spikes, however, this won’t work for all types of vermin
  • Visual, auditory or chemical repellents – These are popular pigeon-proofing hacks for solar panels, but we’d never recommend them. This is because, after the initial scare, birds can easily get used to them. On top of that, chemical repellents come with safety and environmental concerns

So, a strong pigeon-proofing solution is key for your solar panels. For the best results, though, it’s important to maintain and clean that area regularly, too.

Cleaning solar panels

What to do if your solar panels are already damaged by pigeons

If pigeons have already taken over your roof (or those constant cooing or scurrying sounds have been making you suspicious), don’t wait any longer.

You’d only be making things worse and could end up spending more money because of it.

We know it’s tempting to just get yourself up there and have a look, but it could genuinely be dangerous:

  • You could injure yourself when trying to get to the pigeons, from painful pecks to running the risk of falling off the roof
  • You could end up dislodging some wires or damaging your solar panels in the process
  • Because you’re not trained in this, you could install a pigeon-proofing solution incorrectly… and find yourself dealing with the same feathery problem in a few weeks!

That’s why we recommend trusting a professional. If you choose to call Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels, here’s what you can expect.

Step 1: Inspecting your solar panels and potential damage

First things first: our technicians will assess the situation properly and recommend the best way of solving your specific pigeon problem.

We’ll also put all the right safety precautions in place before starting any type of work.

Step 2: Removing all pigeons and debris from the area

If you’ve heard or spotted some pigeons on your roof, the chances are… there are some dead birds or debris up there.

So, we’ll remove all that, together with the actual nests. That way, everything is clean, and nothing will fall off your roof when we start working on it.

Step 3: Fitting pigeon-proofing materials to protect your solar panels

In most cases, we’ll use PanelProof or stainless steel mesh to protect your solar panels and prevent vermin from accessing them.

Step 4: Deep cleaning your solar panels

As seen before, regular cleaning and maintenance is vital if you want your solar panels to be safe and last longer. Plus, since pigeons were nesting around them, there are bound to be some droppings up there.

So, we’ll clean your solar panels using Pure Water Technology and ensure everything can keep working correctly for you.

Avoid costly damage: pigeon-proof your solar panels now

Don’t wait until pigeons start nesting under your solar panels or until the situation gets even worse!

The safest and most cost-effective solution is to do something about it before they cause any or further damage.

Protect your solar panels from pigeons with mesh that’ll last for their entire lifetime: give us a call today.

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