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Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels Luton

Luton Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

Luton is a town based in Bedfordshire and has become too prone to an infestation of pigeons over the last few years. With local landmarks such as Wardown House, Museum and Gallery, Stockwood Discovery Centre and Wardown Park, it is the perfect area for pigeons to live, nesting under solar panels, but do not worry! Our team is on hand whenever you need us, proofing Luton is our job.

No matter your pigeon proofing needs, PPSP are confident that we can help with a range of solutions to help. We have installed and fitted a vast number of solar panel bird proofing panels across Luton and the surrounding area, giving us the confidence we can help you.

Why not give out office a call today? We can discuss your specific needs and requirements, our bird control services are available to anyone who needs them.

Quality Solar Panel Proofing Service Luton

For all your needs regarding bird control and solar panel pigeon proofing in Luton, our team of experts can come and help with a range of warrant covered services. Made of galvanised steel mesh, our pigeon proofing pest control brings solutions that are resistant and durable during all weather types. The warranty that comes with all of our proofing services is a 10-year installation guarantee.

So, if you have been searching pigeon proofing solar panels, Luton will offer you pest control, bird control and more, let our team take care of your new system. You won’t find a price like ours. Call our specialist team for a FREE quote!

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Did You Know Pigeons Are Bad For Your Solar Panels In Luton?

Solar panel damage

Pigeons automatically are programmed to perch on roofs, solar panels have only given them a space to hide as well as continue perching. They stay warm, sheltered and protected for the good old British weather, this will cause damage to your solar panels, performance will be affected and this also causes damage to your property.

Stop Vermin Living In Your Panels!

We have developed a fail-safe pigeon and vermin proofing system, this will get rid of any unwanted visitors to your solar panels; pigeons, squirrels, rodents. One of the jobs our experts will do is remove the pests and droppings, then close any access they might have to your panels. Our professional team will ensure they cannot return.


Once A Pigeon Has Made Its Nest, It Will Not Want To Leave...

Our process is quick and efficient, with an all-inclusive package that means no extra charge for gutter and solar panel cleaning once your pigeon problem has been solved.


Upon arrival, our solar panel pigeon proofing specialists will assess the situation and decide the best way in which to resolve the issue. Our technicians will ensure that all safety precautions will be in place before work commences.


We remove dead Pigeons, nests and debris from your solar panels, ensuring that all remnants and evidence of the Pigeons is completely gone and preventing any debris from falling from your roof!.


Using our secure materials, we measure and fit stainless steel mesh or Solatrim to each individual outer solar panel to ensure that pigeons, squirrels and other vermin can no longer gain access.


We thoroughly clean your solar panels using Pure Water Technology. We also remove all pigeon debris and clean your guttering to ensure that everything is working correctly.

Our process is quick and efficient, with an all-inclusive package that means no extra charge for gutter and solar panel cleaning once your pigeon problem has been solved.

Benefits of Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing

  • 10 year installation guaranteed
  • Great way to enforce pest control
  • Suitable for a commercial, business or domestic property
  • Can reduce energy bills and efficiency
  • Helps to prevent the buildup of detritus
  • Prevents pest, birds or pigeons from nesting under the solar panel
  • Proofing is a great way to finish off the look of your solar panels
  • The solar panel can last longer than without the mesh
  • Subtle yet aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • An investment to the lifespan of your panels, request a quote today!

Solar Panel Bird Proofing Companies

Have you been searching for a solar panel bird proofing company in Luton? At PPSP, we have built and developed a system that is tried and tested. We can install our panels to any address that needs us. We have a quick response and aim to be with you to help with your bird control related issues as soon as we can.

Bird proofing and bird control are not always at the forefront of peoples minds, that is why all your need to do is request our help and we will come and get your solar panels cover to stop pests intruding. Customer service is important to us and we want our performance to reflect that. For more information or advice, we are just one phone call away. Let us come and help get rid of your birds, pigeons, nests, pests and more!

Contact Us for Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels in Luton

If you live in Luton or the surrounding area and need help with solar panel pigeon proofing, why haven’t you given us a call here at PPSP? We don’t mind how big or small the job is, from domestic to commercial properties, all you need to do is call us! We offer the best pest control solutions around.

Simply call us for any pigeon proofing solar panels in Luton and we will be more than happy to help. Contact us today for a price, we won’t be beaten. You will receive a free quote from one of our professional team, let us help with a cost-effective, warranty covered pigeon proofing. Find out answers to your questions here.

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